For children of young ages, school sometimes may seem to be out more often than it is in. You have the usual short holiday breaks that last a few days to a few weeks. And then you have the longest break of them all, Summer! What to do with your young ones while you don’t have school to entertain them? Some may say to continue doing school with them during that time, but for most parents there just isn’t enough time for that. There are, however, several fun educational games and activities that you can do with your kids that they will love!

Scavenger Hunts

A fun game to play with your kids, where all you have to do is think of a list, is a scavenger hunt! My favorite to play as a teacher is the Alphabet Scavenger Hunt. Simply hide some pre-made letters, or letter cards, around the house and tell your little one which letters to go find. Or if they are too good at finding the letters, have them find items that start with each letter of the alphabet. You can also use this idea with numbers, colors, shapes, animals, etc! For more ideas, this site has several different Scavenger Hunt ideas for kids!

Non Messy Painting

I can only imagine one reason for not wanting my child to paint at home, and that is the mess they tend to make. Happily, there are quite a few alternatives to your traditional paints that can keep your child busy, learning, and clean (well cleaner than usual at least)! One fun idea is to put a few blobs of different colored paint in a ziplock bag, tape it down to a table or any flat surface, and let your child “finger paint” to mix the colors and see what they become!

Trips to the Library

Even if you have a very busy schedule during the summer, or any school break, going to the library with your children is worth taking some time out to do together. Children love stories! Especially new and different books from the ones at home. The library is a great place to help your children gain excitement for reading. Even if it’s just picture books for your littlest ones! You could even make up a scavenger hunt to do inside the library to introduce your child to fun books they may not have ever found otherwise! 🙂

These are just 3 ideas that I can hardly wait to do with my own kids one day. There are so many more fun, easy things that you can do with your children when they are not in school to keep their young minds busy and constantly learning. A quick search online, or even making Pinterest a good friend, can bring up more fun ideas then you’ll have time for during a single summer!

-Rachel Bunderson (Bravo Employee)