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We award dozens of partial tuition 6 month scholarships each year to deserving students who are in financial need. To apply please see the instructions on our Bravo application form.  Income verification, etc. will be required.  We believe our Bravo children have an educational head start and are proud to offer our services to many who otherwise may not be able to afford it.

Cleaning Trade Scholarships
We offer a cleaning trade scholarship for parents who love to deep clean. It’s a 1x per week 3 hour block of time at the location of your choice. You get $35 tuition credit for each 3 hour cleaning block. Email the office director to see what locations have openings

Reflection Contest Judging & Prizes

If you would like help to judge your Reflections entries or would like prizes for students who have entered email  It’s part of our “Giving Back” to the community and encouraging the arts.

“The Reflections program at my elementary school was a huge success because of the support we received from Bravo.  They donated their time, talents, and expertise to judge our student entries in all eight categories.  The students loved reading the positive and encouraging comments that were left by the judges.  Each comment was as unique as the students’ entries.  Bravo also offered a free prize to every student who participated in our Reflections program.  We appreciate their support in helping us encourage students to explore and develop their artistic talents.” -Jamie Stoker, Local Reflections Chair

“I love the arts and seeing children develop their talents. However, I must confess I felt a bit overwhelmed when I was called upon to oversee our council PTA Reflections program. How was I ever going to find up to 24 judges for categories as diverse as visual arts, 3-D, literature, dance, music, theater, photography, and film? Because I also had children participating in Reflections I was struggling with the daunting task to come up with people I knew who didn’t know my children. When you factor in the hectic holiday season, I thought it was a nearly impossible quest. A wise acquaintance who had chaired reflections in the past suggested I look on the Bravo website under community outreach. When I read that they would provide judges for reflections, I immediately sent an email. I crossed my fingers hoping they could help me with dance or music – anything. What a pleasant surprise to discover they had qualified judges for ALL areas of reflections. I just dropped off the entries at the studio, told them how many winners and honorable mentions I was looking for, and waited. In a very short time, I received a call that everything was judged and ready for pickup. It was that simple! Not only did it make my job easier, it made it fun! I didn’t have to stress over finding judges and could focus on finding prizes to recognize the achievements of our outstanding students. Thank you for the outstanding donated service you are providing to the community. I wholeheartedly endorse your efforts.” -Linnea Cardon