Welcome to our exclusive training website created for our awesome Bravo teachers to:

  • Strengthen your skills
  • Give you ideas
  • Ensure your success

Track your training by filling out this online training tracking form every time you spend 15 or more minutes on this site.  Thank you for joining together with us and over 200 Bravo teachers to change the world for kids.

All training categories marked with an * (asterisk) are approved for reading state training, be sure you complete the online training tracking form. For face to face training attend our live company training events.  All state training required for dacyare staff is due by June 30 each year.

Bravo Policies & Procedures*

Disaster & Emergency Plans For Bravo*

Principles of Child Growth & Development*

Positive Guidance, Classroom Management & Discipline*

Child Safety & Signs Of Abuse

Researching & Planning Curriculum*

(making copies, cutting, getting paint, etc. does not count for training, must be researching/planning how to teach skill)

Parent/Child Relationship & Communication*

Manager Leadership Training (all employees welcome to browse)

Department Specific

Company Library

Bravo’s owner has created a library in our Clearfield location where you can check out books & CD’s on a variety of topics.  If you don’t work at this location ask your manager to check out an item for you.  Some examples:

  • The Freak Factor by Dave Rendall
  • The Time To Be Happy Is Now
  • Parenting with Love and Logic
  • 100 Ways to Motivate Others
  • Mangers Guide To Employee Engagement
  • 101 Ways To Reward Employees
  • The Dream Manager
  • Myth of Multitasking by Dave Crenshaw
  • Invaluable by Dave Crenshaw
  • Let’s Get Ready for Kindergarten
  • Summer Fit Activities