Working full time with two kids often means that your house does not feel under control.  I knew my house was clean, it just always looked untidy and I did not want to spend my evenings picking up after everybody and searching for scissors! I wanted to enjoy my time with my family.

I discovered two things that literally changed my life and helped me to get through the week without being stressed that my house was a “disaster”

#1 Put Away Boxes

I cleaned out one of my kitchen cupboards completely, moved the shelf so I could fit four totes in the cupboard.  Each box was labeled with a kids name.  Each evening while dinner was cooking I would walk around the house and if someone had left something in the living room or anywhere else I would simply pick it up and put it in their assigned box.  After dinner, we would have a timed race for every to empty their box to the correct homes of each item.

#2 Empty the kitchen “junk drawer”

Inevitable, at some point, during the week someone would have a project that was due tomorrow.  I knew exactly how it was going to go: “Mom, where are the scissors/glue etc.”  I would always answer “Who had them last?”.  Then the hunt was on!  One time we actually had to go to the store to buy new ones and waste an evening on scissor shopping!  That was it.  I got labels, bins and bought all new supplies.  Everything has a label and spot.  Now when the question arises “where are the scissors?” we can all respond with “in the bin with the label scissors”  It’s almost a running joke!

If there are labeled homes for the things in your house, your family is much more likely to put them away.  Things get thrown in the “junk drawer” or other random places when they don’t actually have a spot to go.

Hayley Gosselin- Bravo Employee