Moms and dads, you hold the power to teach your child from a young age hot to love their bodies and who they are.  You are able to teach them how to love, respect and encourage a positive image within their mind despite what the world may perceive upon them.

For example, if you are constantly nagging about your own insecurities and your image they will follow your lead.  Putting yourself down in front of them will show your child that this behavior is ok.  You would not allow your child to speak to themselves like that so do not allow yourself to talk like that!

Growing up my mother always wanted to point out any talents that I had or anything unique about me. She would acknowledge it, cherish it and then make sure I did the same.  Teach your child to do the same and to learn by example.  Don’t just compliment them on their looks, give them praise for the great things they are doing and what a good person they are.

Raise children who know who they are and what they are capable to offer the world!

Bravo Employee: Madison Allred