Every parent of a music student has been there. Getting your kids to practice can be a “chore” no one wants to do. (Am I seriously paying for this?!) Listen up for some tips from an experienced musician…

  1. Make practicing fun! Instead of using a metronome, find a funky beat they get to play their songs too. Find accompaniment tracks to play their music to. Find recordings of the songs they are playing and find one they like (hello, YouTube!). It will help to see the finished product of what they are working toward.
  2. DON’T treat music practice like a chore! No child likes doing their chores! Keep it in a different category. This should be their fun creative outlet. Let them decide a method for getting it done every day. Always talk about music lessons as a positive thing.
  3. Get rid of distractions and be consistent with when it is done. Have a space set apart from lots of other noise and temptations. Remind other siblings to not distract them. Make sure they can have a comfortable place to sit and concentrate, that will make the time go by faster! If they practice first thing after they get home from school, then they have it out of the way and can have fun and do other things later.