Bravo HappyAs a parent, isn’t it your number one priority to make sure your children are happy and you are satisfied with their overall experience in classes/activities they participate in? You want to see the progression in the class each week, but also that your child is enjoying their time while they are in these activities.  Here are three things to look for in your child’s classes, along with some fun ideas to do at home to get them excited to come to class.

  1- Instructor Observation

Make sure you have an instructor who is fun and upbeat. I’ve always heard the phrase, “A good mood is contagious,” and it is so very true! An instructor can set the tone of their class simply by the attitude they bring to the table.  Children enjoy the classroom when they have fun and structure. It makes the learning part of class rewarding if some enjoyable activities are incorporated. Always keep your eye out for that.

 2- Practice

Always keep your little one practicing! Try and take with you the key points from class each week and work on them while at home. Turn practice into a fun game! Children cannot resist a new game, now can they? A couple ideas to try are, “The Timing Game.” Pick a trick or move used in class and time your child as to how quickly they can do it, but also how well they perfect the trick in the time frame you give them. Another fun game to try is “Freeze Game.” Play some music (fast or slow) and have your child move around the room (using movements from their class) and freeze whenever the music stops. Practice will help keep children happy when they return to class the following week. A boost of confidence in knowing curriculum always brings happy faces to the classroom and also helps build self-esteem.

3-Positive Energy/Praise

I have always believed that you can control your day, or the day will control you. Given, I understand everyone does not always have the best days, that is just how life is. For the most part, though, the saying above has a lot of truth to it and is something good to portray onto your children. This is a skill to use before coming to class, the more upbeat and positive you are before coming, the better their experience will be. A good factor outside and during class time is to praise your little one. When parents are showing that they see the good work their children are doing, this makes them want to try harder. It rewards their good behavior and practice inside and outside of the classroom. Keep up the positive energy and praise!

Life is to be fun and enjoyed! I hope these few ideas can help you in making a happy day for your child. I love seeing and making my students happy in class, and inspiring them to become great!

-Whitney Gronwald (Bravo Employee)