5 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Before Choosing a Tumbling Facility

Does it really make a difference where you enroll your child in classes? If tumbling facilities have qualified teachers, equipment and classes, aren’t they all the same? There are 5 main things that can make a huge difference in the quality of instruction your child receives and the overall enjoyment and satisfaction your family will experience with a tumbling facility.

1. What are the teaching methods and curriculum used in classes?

Tumbling is a sport that requires students to learn skills in a certain progression of difficulty. A lot of tumbling facilities do not follow a structured curriculum for teaching skills or tracking the skills students have learned. This can hinder and cause unnecessary frustration in the student’s learning process. This is also frustrating for parents because they do not have an easy way to evaluate their child’s progress. Tumbling facilities that do not use an organized teaching curriculum based on skill progressions risk teaching poor technique, which hinders the student’s ability to learn and move to advanced levels of tumbling.

At Bravo we have a comprehensive curriculum that teaches any tumbler, beginners to advance, the skills they need to succeed. Our curriculum, developed and refined over many years of working with tumblers, is designed to teach tumblers the proper techniques to accomplish the cartwheel, back handspring, round-off back handspring, tucks etc.

Tumblers can have confidence that our curriculum and lesson plans will help them reach their tumbling goals. Each instructor has a goal sheet for every student so that they can track their progress. This allows instructors to be more effective in providing individualized instruction for every student. Instructors are also available after class to answer questions for parents regarding their tumbler.

2. How are the classes structured and organized?

Some tumbling facilities choose to fill classes based on space availability rather than age and ability. In one class you may find students with vastly different ages and ability levels. This type of class organization results in students receiving inconsistent training that is not related to their specific needs. Teachers cannot teach effectively if their class has students with a wide range of abilities or developmental levels.

Our classes are organized by age and then ability. We have found that students learn best when they are in a class with other students who are of similar age and ability. This type of class organization allows our teachers to be most effective in their teaching as they can appropriately teach children who share common developmental standards. Our tumbling program is divided into multiple ability levels which allow students to be placed in the most appropriate class for them to progress and learn more effectively.

3. Can I get immediate customer service?

Many tumbling facilities do not provide adequate customer service for their parents and students as a way to decrease operating expenses. These facilities have the teachers teaching classes and handling customer service in between classes. This causes both class time and customer service to suffer. Customers do not receive immediate assistance and students do not receive all of the teacher’s attention. Some facilities will only provide customer service for a limited amount of time during the day, usually during afternoon class times. This can be frustrating for customers who need assistance outside of this limited window of time.

Here at Bravo Arts Academy our desk staff responsibility is to provide customer service, not teach classes. Our desk staff works to “Deliver WOW” (company value) to every family.  Whenever Bravo is open, our desk staff is there to ensure you get the highest level of service.

4. Is the facility clean, bright and inviting for kids? Can I watch my child’s class?

A tumbling facility should be clean, bright and inviting for your family. You can determine this by simply walking through the facility. As you walk around check the bathrooms as an indication of the cleanliness of the facility. A center providing activities for children should be cleaned multiple times daily. Parent viewing should always be available. Facilities should provide a comfortable area for parent viewing.

Our entire facility is cleaned often including sanitizing mats, vacuuming and mopping floors.  We have even installed a state of the art germ killer in our ventilation system (RDF Guardian Air) that kills 99% of bacteria, mold and viruses. We take big effort in keeping our facility clean.  We also welcome parents at all times.  We have comfortable viewing areas including free WiFi.

5. What other programs does your facility offer?

This is an important question to ensure you are simplifying your driving time as a busy parent.

At Bravo we save parents time by having multiple programs in one place.  We specialize in music, dance, karate, art and tumbling. Our multi-class discount also makes our program a comfortable fit for your entire family.

Come in for a free trial class and see why more parents choose our tumbling program in Ogden, Washington Terrace, Layton, Clearfield and Syracuse.  We know our facility, teachers and program are exceptional and look forward to showing it to you.  Call us at 801-621-6683.