We had a professional growth teacher training on a TED Talk by Dr. Dave Rendall.  It went over so well that we wanted to share with our blog readers.

Here are a few highlights from Dr. Dave Rendall’s Freak Factor:

Think of the thing that makes you strange? The weakness that you won’t admit. Well, have you ever thought that the foundation of your success might be found in that weakness? Are you embracing your inner freak, or are you hiding it in order to conform and maintain the status quo?

  • We’ve been taught if you want to be happy and successful and fulfilled we need to find and fix our weaknesses. But what if it that is wrong? What if what makes us WEIRD makes us WONDERFUL and what if what makes us WEAK makes us STRONG.
  • Stop working on your weaknesses and start amplifying them instead. Embrace your uniqueness.
  • The characteristics that make us weak and weird are the same ones that make us strong and unique. Instead of trying to eliminate our unusual qualities, we need to embrace them and amplify them.