You have decided to have your child start daycare.  What an exciting and overwhelming time.  As we have seen many first days we are excited to share with your some helpful tips for your first day of daycare.

Knowing what to bring your little one for their first day can be hard and varies by age.  Here are some suggestions to relieve the stress:

Infants: Diapers, wipes, formula or breast milk, a sheet for the crib, extra clothes, and their blanket or stuffed animal to serve as their comfort in a new environment.

Toddlers: extra clothes (always pack extra clothes), a special activity of their choice if they don’t nap.  Yes, activities are provided but if they are transitioning familiarity can be nice. Blanket or stuffed animal as well.    If they have a special snack they prefer it might be nice to include for those first few days.

Although the first day can be daunting being aware of what your child needs to make their day way better.  If there something specific they are used to in their routine please communicate with the daycare teacher as they are willing to be flexible and try this in their schedule to make the transition smooth and easier for everyone!  We love this experience to be positive for everyone.  Never feel silly asking or telling us what is best for your child!

Taylor Read (Bravo Employee)