When I first started my child development classes in High School, it was simply because I enjoyed being around children, they said what they honestly felt, no sugar coating, they said the funniest things, and their smiles could lighten up my whole day! As I kept going through high school and taking different courses in the elementary education/early childhood education the more I enjoyed being with kids and it grew into a sincere and loving passion to watch them grow and learn.  Each day they would develop into these amazing children.With my experience in childcare I have developed a strong belief that if there is no passion in Child Care, then there is no point in teaching them. I have loved my time with the children-even in their not-so-good moments- because it means I have a good starting point to work off of and am now able to teach them valuable life skills. 🙂 Watching these kids grow and learn is by far the greatest thing in life that brings me the most joy. I love how I am able to give them a place where they know they can go to for help or advice or even just a simple, sweet compliment. 🙂

Even greater than that is figuring out and learning about what each individual child is passionate about, even if they are unaware of what passion is, I am able to help them find it and show them what it means. For some, it’s drawing and making what I call potato people they call their families, (you know, the round people with minuscule arms and legs and no neck or head, they’re just one round blob with a face in the middle?) for others, it’s building trucks out of Legos all in the same size and color.  Whatever the case maybe- it’s the best part about working with children, being with them as they learn new things daily about their surroundings, and watching them grow into braver, fantastic, more optimistic children.  I found my passion, what’s yours?

Alyssa Harris (Bravo Employee)