Month: July 2015

5 Tips for Effective Guitar Practice

1 - Warm Up.

Just like you need to stretch your muscles before you work out at the gym, you need to warm up your fingers and hands before you can effectively practice. Start with a technique exercise that you can play confidently but is also challenging. Run through the exercise until you feel sufficiently warmed-up. Be sure not to rush through the exercise, take your time and make sure you...read more

How Kids Can Use Karate To Cope With Stress

You may not be able to prevent your kids from feeling frustrated, sad, or angry, but what if you could provide some tools to help them with these emotions?  It’s important for kids to recognize and express their emotions.  As parents, we may want to guard them against these emotions, but the key is to help them find a healthy way to cope with and relieve the stress they feel. Karate...read more

Ways to Help Children Look Forward to Learning

1) Show Excitement!

How are kids supposed to be excited for something we don't look forward to or don't care about? Let your kids know you are excited to learn. Tell them some experiences you have had while you were learning. Do your best to relate to them and remember what it was like to be their age. Show interest in what they learned in the day and then share...read more