Why Work At Bravo?

  • Consistent schedules with weekends off
  • Medical & dental for ALL employees (click here for info)
  • 401K plans (retirement) for full-time employees & a FREE arts class for part-time employees
  • Set curriculum in all programs to make your job easier
  • Opportunities for growth and paid time off
  • Management invests in company culture
  • Employees get 50% discount on all arts academy classes
  • Highest starting pay in the area for daycare teachers & very high hourly rate for degree or very experienced arts academy teachers

Learn About Bravo

  • Largest privately arts academy & daycare in northern Utah with 3 locations
  • Financially healthy & growing company since 1995
  • Majority of our students are between 2-8 years old
  • Save busy families time by offering music, dance, karate, tumbling, art, preschool & daycare in one place
  • Re-invest in our state of the art facilities, equipment, and staff training
  • Decision making and employee expectation is always aligned with our company values

Change The World For Kids (Video)

What Position(s) Are Open?

When we post a job it stays active for 90 days (depending on the website).  Click here for current job openings at Bravo.  If you don’t see the position you wanted you can still apply so we have your resume on file which we would use before posting a future job.

Ready To Apply?

Our first interview includes a 15 min group presentation from the leadership of our company, as well as 10-15 minutes of Q&A from applicants.  Each applicant will then receive an individual interview with a Bravo director.  Please be responsible (Bravo value) to our directors time and only sign up for an interview time if you are 100% sure you can make it.  We commit to always value your time and truly appreciate the same courtesy.

  • Prepare your resume to include 3 references (1 must be professional)
  • Email your resume to jobs@utahbravo.com
  • In the subject type what job you are applying for (can list multiple).

We review resumes each week. You will receive an email response to your application after your resume has been reviewed. If accepted, you will be given a link to sign up for an interview. If you have further questions, email jobs@utahbravo.com. Thank you!


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See What Our Staff Is Saying

I have worked at Bravo for over 5 years, and I have loved every minute of it! The caliber of staff and management is top notch – clear expectations, regular meetings with your supervisor, and tons of positive feedback! Lots of time goes into helping us grow professionally. -Kendra Nielson
Bravo is a fantastic place to work!  I love being able to share my talent and love of music with my students.  During my years of employment at Bravo, I have always felt support from my director, CEO, fellow teachers, and the entire team – I feel that they care about me as a person!  I appreciate that I am given lots of opportunities to grow professionally.  Bravo also has wonderful employee benefits – I love the discounts on classes, daycare, and music.   Bravo is such a positive place to work!  I love my job and enjoy coming to work every day! -Kirsten Nelson
I love working here at Bravo. Before working here I worked at other childcare facilities with different specialties. The difference I have seen while being at Bravo, as compared to other places, is that as a staff is that I do get the support I need, rules are followed, and I can count on Bravo’s consistency and structure. Bravo has helped me to implement changes I felt necessary and worked with me to help implement these systems to help others as well. Bravo is a team, and if you are willing to lift where you are standing Bravo will help elevate you as well. I believe in the program that Bravo has set up! -Cooper Eisert
Since I’ve joined Bravo’s team I have been WOWed at every step of my employment. From the hiring and training processes to monthly meetings and professional growth, Bravo has given me both the support and freedom I need to be the best tumbling teacher I can be. Management is always ready to tackle any issue that is presented to them in a quick and effective way. I feel prepared and eager to complete the tasks I am given as a teacher, due to the effectiveness of training on systems. The work environment is positive which allows me to focus on the quality of my class. I absolutely love going to work and being surrounded by other Bravo staff! -Dani Marquardt
During my years of employment at Bravo, I have enjoyed the friendship and support of the entire Bravo team. Not to mention the joy and gratification that comes from working with the students and watching them progress and develop in self-confidence and watching them shine in finding joy in their music! -Brooke Saunders
I have worked in childcare since 2002 and I have never had a better experience than working at Bravo. I not only love working at Bravo but feel comfortable enough to bring my own children to the facility. Management is loving and caring. I have always felt like I have support in the classroom and in my personal life. The center is a clean and well-organized center. The children and teachers are provided with a great structure to help everyone succeed. The curriculum and schedule make it easy to jump into teaching. The atmosphere is fun and professional. Bravo always has activities and events to give you a sense of community. I feel supported and appreciated by upper management. I always feel noticed and praised for good work. Continued training and freedom to grow helps you to feel confident in your role at Bravo. I would recommend Bravo to anyone who has a desire to work with children. -Nicolle Dicus
Bravo is a place where kids can come to be themselves and feel safe. We at Bravo believe that positive energy and happy teachers are key to having happy kiddos!  With the help of my managers, I was able to grow into my current position! I started working as a part-time substitute. Then I became a full-time teacher, and then a department leader. As Bravo saw what I could do I had more opportunities for growth!  I love that in my position I get to help all the kids feel happy and safe. I also get to interact with their parents to help them feel they made the right choice by bringing their kids here! Also, I am so lucky to work with the best teachers out there. My most favorite thing about working with the teachers is to help them grow, just like my managers helped me grow! -Lessly Janes
I’ve had a few jobs in my life but I can truly say the nothing compares to working at Bravo. That’s why I’ve been here for almost 6 years! I have had so many opportunities to grow as a teacher, a leader and a professional as well. I’m always supported in a positive way by my department leader, the directors, CEO, the owner as well as the other teachers I work with. I get to come into work every day knowing that I’ll be greeted with a smile by a team that wants to work together to build each other up and to build up our Bravo kids and families.  -Melissa Wilson
I have worked for Bravo for almost 4 years now! And I honestly can’t picture myself working anywhere else. I have grown from Part-Time Substitute to Baby Teacher, to a Department Leader! I have gained so many skills from the experiences I’ve had. I now know better how to handle parent complaints, disagreements with co-workers, and how best to paint a child’s hand for an art project. I’ve grown so attached to the countless amount of kiddos I’ve had the opportunity to care for and it has always been and continues to be my favorite part of working at Bravo.  -Audrey Hoopes