Being new to this whole gardening thing I was surprised how much I loved it and how much my kids loved it.  Coming from the dry Las Vegas heat I had never given it a shot, but teaching kids where their food comes from is like sharing a little secret with them to share with the world. Especially younger kids, showing them you can take a single apple seed from an apple they just ate and placing it in some soil on the window seal, to get started, will eventually sprout and grow into an apple tree…. just amazing! I have been easily amazed by how naive I was when it came to gardening. What I’ve learned and been able to with my kids is that anyone can start a garden even the littlest. It takes water, sunshine, love, and a little patience.  All of us can use these things in our daily routines to learn and grow from. The proud moments my kids and I have shared are watching the first sprout of a vegetable or fruit they’ve planted.

April Stanwick (Bravo Employee)