Like anything in life, confidence is not easy to obtain. But it is so worth it when you can think about yourself in a positive way. Confidence is a key ingredient in all aspects of life, it is one of your many jobs as a parent to help your child become a happy and confident adult!

Encourage Them Constantly and In Everything They Do

Children are sponges, they soak up every word they hear. Fill their ears with as many positive things as you can. Encouraging them before they do anything, whether it’s cleaning their room or playing a sport, you are giving them a little boost of confidence when they are getting started which will reassure them throughout and positively affect the outcome.

Here is a list of 25 Ways To Encourage.

Fun Idea:

Place notes with encouraging messages in random places for them to find! Examples: their lunch box, taped to their bedroom door or inside their shoe!

Create A Daily Routine

Start their day on the right note by waking them up at the same time every day. Have them do their homework right after school. Let them have the same amount of free time every night when homework is done. Put them to bed at the same time to prepare for the next day. When their day goes smoothly, it prevents them from having a negative attitude. A positive outlook on life is the key to a positive outlook on yourself.

Fun Idea:

Make “boring” routine tasks feel like a fun game. Play a 2-minute song while they are brushing their teeth, or challenge them to a race to see who can put shoes on fastest. Studies show children who have more fun have more confidence!

Give Them Something Fun To Look Forward To.

Let them choose their own activity if possible. If it feels “forced” on them, they are less likely to succeed in the activity. If they are in something they enjoy, with a teacher they feel comfortable with, and kids they have fun with, they will flourish! The skills they master will create a lifetime of confidence.

I hope these tips help you have some fun at home while raising your child to become a confident individual. You can even use these tips for yourself! You definitely deserve that bowl of ice cream when the kids are in bed.

-Morgan Sewell (Bravo Employee)