COVID Safety Guide

COVID Safety Guide

  • Professional Fogger

    See Bravo Germbusters video to learn about our fogger that bonds to surfaces and continues to kill for an extended amount of time. It is an EPA-registered, safe disinfectant ($500 per gallon) and highly effective against many communicable diseases, including COVID.

  • Unbeatable Cleaning

    Sanitizing stations with patented formula sanitizer that stays effective on hands 6+ hours and is alcohol free, and of course, handwashing before class and CDC approved cleaners.

  • Masks

    Parents must wear masks at all times in the Bravo building. Bravo staff & school-age children will wear masks indoors and when closer than 6' to anyone (like public schools). Children 0-2 years are not required to wear masks at Bravo. Here's a 2 min video to teach your kids about mask wearing at Bravo.

  • Parent Access

    Parents are only allowed in the hallways, not in the classrooms (ex: drop off and pickup). Parents must wear masks. Parents must wash hands & help child wash hands.

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COVID Cases At Bravo

  • Transparency Promise

    We are committed to not only do all we can to prevent the spread of COVID at Bravo, but also committ to be transparent to our families as we work together to be a responsible business in our community. We are pleased with the low number of cases we have had during the pandemic. We do report all cases to the health department as well as childcare licensing (when needed) and follow their recommended procedures.

  • COVID Cases Last 30 Days

    • Thurs Feb 25 Teacher was exposed to COVID from family member.  Following isolation quarantine.
    • Wed, Jan 19 Teacher in Riverdale tested positive, last at Bravo 5 days ago, no students quarantined.
    • Mon, Dec 28 Teacher in baby dept Riverdale, teacher in 2’s dept Clearfield, teacher in 4’s dept Clearfield.  All cases were traced back to family members and no quarantine was required as per health department, timeline of symptoms, teacher mask wearing and Bravo holiday closure etc.
    • Tues, Dec 15 Teacher in Clfd daycare, quarantined 6 children.
    • Mon, Dec 14: Teacher in Riverdale daycare tested positive (got COVID from her family), no one was possibly exposed (thank you responsible teacher!) so we did not have to quarantine anyone.
    • Mon, Dec 14: Baby & 5 year old siblings in Clfd tested positive.  Quarantined approx 15 students.
    • Fri, Dec 11: Siblings tested positive in Riverdale school age dept, approx 8 other students quarantined.
    • Tuesday, Dec 1: Clearfield Bravo Daycare baby teacher.  Parents of 9 babies have been contacted and quarantined for possible exposure prior to Thanksgiving.
    • Saturday, November 28: Clearfield Bravo Daycare baby teacher. No others were required to quarantine as per health department.
    • Monday, November 9: Riverdale Bravo Daycare room 10, 3 year old. Quarantined 15 children as a precaution.  No one else has tested positive.
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