COVID Safety Guide

COVID Safety Guide

  • Professional Fogger

    See Bravo Germbusters video to learn about our fogger that bonds to surfaces and continues to kill for an extended amount of time. It is an EPA-registered, safe disinfectant ($500 per gallon) and highly effective against many communicable diseases, including COVID.

  • Unbeatable Cleaning

    Sanitizing stations with patented formula sanitizer that stays effective on hands 6+ hours and is alcohol free, and of course, handwashing before class and CDC approved cleaners.

  • Masks

    Parents must wear masks at all times in the Bravo building. Bravo staff & school-age children will wear masks indoors and when closer than 6' to anyone (like public schools). Children 0-4 years are not required to wear masks at Bravo. Here's a 2 min video to teach your kids about mask wearing at Bravo.

  • Parent Access

    Parents are only allowed in the hallways, not in the classrooms (ex: drop off and pickup). Parents must wear masks. Parents must wash hands & help child wash hands.

  • And more....

    Click here to view the whole COVID Safety Guide.

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Gradually Opening Programs

  • Live Classes Happening In July

    • All daycare classes are open for in person classes
    • Summer camps
    • Virtual music and art classes
  • Live Classes Starting In August

    • Music classes
    • Art classes
    • Preschool & Kindergarten
  • Classes With Delayed September Start

    • Dance classes
    • Tumbling classes
    • Cheer classes
    • Additional preschool, art & music classes
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