dance and tumbling classes for kids
Our daughter loves Bravo! Her ballet/jazz class is the highlight of her week. In the year and a half, we have been enrolled in Bravo, she has learned SO much and has gained so much confidence in herself. She loves to show off her skills to friends and family! We have really appreciated the limitless, free make up lessons as those have allowed her to attend a Princess Ballet camp in the summer-which she still talks about. Thank you, Bravo!
Heather N.
Choosing a daycare is a hard decision. We are happy that we chose Bravo. We know our children are genuinely cared for by the teachers and staff of Bravo. Any concerns we have had are taken seriously and the teachers and director have worked with us to make sure we are 100% comfortable leaving our children every day.
Nicole C.
Best preschool for my son
Preschool at Bravo Arts Academy has been an amazing experience for my son, as well as for our family. In the past, my son had struggled to connect with his previous teachers, but Mrs. Bennington at Bravo has gone above and beyond to relate to my son and really cultivate his knowledge and talents. The difference I have seen in him has been extraordinary. We feel very blessed to have such a wonderful school to send our son to; it’s a huge relief to know you’re sending your child to a loving and supportive atmosphere for the times when you aren’t able to be around. We have been incredibly impressed with the parent involvement at the school and I have very much enjoyed being heavily involved myself with events and activities!
Kristen D.
My children have been attending Bravo classes for many years. I brought my son here first because I loved the preschool that incorporated music into its curriculum. Later, he and my daughter began taking piano lessons at Bravo. I chose Bravo for piano because of their dedication to teaching music theory as well as practical piano skills. The kids have grown so much over the years they have been at Bravo, and the classes and teaching levels have grown with them, continuing to challenge them and feed their love of music. They have come to love their teachers, who truly make an effort to know and support and encourage them. Another benefit of coming to Bravo is that they can try out other classes for free or use their make-up lessons to work on other instruments or voice. This expands their experiences and opens them up to new ideas for what they might like to do. Our youngest child is a busy little bee with so much energy. We decided to try out a tumbling class for her, and she loved it! The teacher worked so well with her and the other children, easily handling differences in ability and attention levels. We have loved being a part of the Bravo family and appreciate all they do to make things work for our busy family  
Linda C.
The best preschool for our family
We have really enjoyed our experience with Bravo Preschool and Bravo Daycare. My son has matured in many ways through class interactions and excellent teachers who care about his progress and work with him on his specific skills and the level he is on. Daycare a few times a week has been a blessing for both of my children. They get to meet new friends, they have outside and indoor playground time to get out their energy. They provide good meals for my kids.  My 2-year-old started to potty train and the teachers were so willing and helpful with her on that. We are grateful for our Bravo experience.  
Marissa M.

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