When kids come after school their first action will most likely be to turn on a screen.  This screen could be on a mobile device, television etc.  Even though there are some activities that could benefit them when using the screen, there are plenty of other beneficial ways to learn away from the screen.  Here are 4 things you can do with your children after school.

1. Go on an adventure:

Grab your walking shoes and head outside to explore! There are various walking paths and trails right outside your front door.  You could even go on an adventure in your home.  You might stumble upon a locked dungeon or hidden treasure.

2. Have a dance party:

This is a great way to kids moving and exercising without them even realizing it. Burn off the energy and get the blood flowing before they settle down to do their homework and other assigned tasks.

3. Host a game night:

Get your family and friends together for a game night/afternoon.  Let kids take turns choosing what game they want to play and this will increase their likelihood and being more involved and excited about their time away from the screen.

4. Having a cooking competition:

Have them each take a part of dinner and make it a little competitive this will ensure that they really put their best foot forward.  Who doesn’t love a little fun completion?  Bonus you get help with dinner!