Let’s face it kids love to play with mom or dad’s tablet!  Nothing beats spending 30 minutes reading a book with mom or dad, but we say let’s install some education apps and use technology to help kids learn! Here are a few of our favorites: 

Reading For All Learners – I See Sam Phonics Books (FREE)

BRAVO TEACHER CHOICE!   This app goes along with the “Sam Books” that your Bravo kindergartener brings home. It does a great job to teach reading skills and build confidence. 

Handwriting Without Tears ($6.99)

BRAVO TEACHER CHOICE! The handwriting books we use with our kindergarteners follow this teaching style.  This app helps children learn and practice correct formation habits for writing capitals, numbers, and lowercase letters

Starfall Learn to Read ($2.99)

We’ve always loved Starfall’s free website.  They have developed some great apps app teach children how to sound out words. They also teach children how to blend sounds together to create words. Also check out Starfall ABC’s and Starfall Learn to Read 2. 

Sight Words List – Learn to Read Flash Cards & Games (FREE)

With this app kindergartners master high-frequency words.  You can customize it and make your own sight word list or use one of the pre-made lists.

Phonics and Reading With McGuffey (FREE)

Keep your child learning reading skills.  It starts with introducing letter sounds and adds skills in over 52 hours of lessons!

Toca Store ($2.99)

This app is all about fun!  Children use their imagination and role-play while learning money skills.  It’s a great one to develop math and teamwork as they play with a friend.

Reading Raven ($2.99)

Help your kids learn to read with their own personal reading-adventure guide!  Children start with learning letter sounds and formation.  Then progress to developing words sounds and segmenting words. 

Grappy’s First Words ($2.99)

This app is a great way for kindergarten students to practice letters and sounds.  Then they begin blending those sounds into words.

There is our list!  Did we leave off any of your favorite apps?  If so let us know in the comments below.  We’re always watching out for great apps!