We Give You More In Music Lessons

  • Longer lessons (private: 1 hour weekly, group: 55 minutes weekly)
  • 12 Level program with reward medals
  • Happy Family Guarantee (100% money back on first month)
  • Unlimited makeup lessons or trade them in for FREE classes, camps, clinics (see makeup paragraph below)
  • Fun incentives (ex. practice tokens for candy machine)
  • Schedule children in multiple instruments or classes at same time
  • Students choose what music they want to play
  • Low-pressure, optional recitals twice yearly
  • Recital bonus: FREE individual photo and recording
  • $5 off your 2nd, 3rd, etc. Arts Academy classes
  • FREE Music Lab (30 minutes weekly) for private lesson students
  • FREE school bag for all students

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We Give You More In Music Lessons


Let’s be honest, learning to play a musical instrument is not the easiest choice of extra-curricular activities. It is however one of the only activities that teaches a skill that can be used and enjoyed for a lifetime. Studies show that children who take music lessons score higher in reading and math. (University of California Study) Music lessons not only requires lesson participation, but also at home practice and parent support.   Parents are key to their child’s success, your child will thank you – but probably not until they are older.  Bravo is here to help make that path engaging and rewarding.

Private Or Group… Which Is Best?

As a general rule, private lessons are always ideal as the teacher’s focus and lesson planning is catered to just one student. This is a more serious approach to learning to play any instrument and works for any age. However, at Bravo we have found younger beginners thrive in group classes (ex. piano). Why? First, the child has more fun in a group class. The lesson includes hands on learning games, unique review activities and playing ensembles with their classmates. Second, they get a 55 minute class each week with their skilled teacher which allows for time to complete their music worksheets during class, avoiding working independently in the lab at a young age. Third, group classes cost less, which allows the parent to focus on supporting their child at whatever pace their child can handle happily.

How Young Is Too Young – Starting At The Right Age

Every child’s ability to begin an instrument varies. Some are ready at 5 years, some not until 8 years. Try a free trial class and let the teacher give you their recommendation. Below are our general recommendations:

  • Piano: Ages 4 and older
    Children that are 4 years old can start piano in our Pre-Piano group class. Children age 5 and older can continue advancing in a piano team class or start private lessons.
  • Violin: Ages 5 and older
    We accept violin students from the age of 5. Some teachers will start children as young as 3, but experience has shown the most productive learning occurs when the beginner is 5 or older.
  • Voice: Ages 8 and older
    Eight years old is recommended as the youngest age for private vocal lessons. Due to the physical nature of voice lessons (proper breathing techniques, development of the vocal chords and lung capacity). Consider starting your child in a piano team or private piano lessons, a piano foundation helps every vocalist.
  • Guitar, Drums, Trumpet, Banjo: Ages 8 years and older
    Instruments like guitar, drums, banjo, trumpet and trombone require a fair amount of strength and fine motor skills. A teacher may recommend your child to start earlier than age 8, if the parent is willing to come to each lesson and give the needed support at home. If this is not possible, you may want to consider starting your child in a private piano or team class. The skills they learn in piano will help them move more quickly when it comes time to start another instrument.

Class Options & Tuition

Music Tumble Combo (ages 2-3)

Children love the music tumble combo class where they get a mixture of activities to peak their interest. It is the perfect combination of jumping, rolling, hopping and somersaults, intermixed with musical learning such as instrument exploration (drums, shakers, cymbals, bells, etc.), moving to music, nursery rhymes and more. Diapers are welcome, though we will not be able to change them. Join the magic! Ages 2-3 years. Tuition is $49 per month for a weekly 1 hour class.

Pre-Piano (ages 4-5)

If you have a young, non-reading child who would like to learn how to play beginning piano songs, use multiple percussion instruments to learn rhythm and play awesome, educational music skill games this is the class for them. Parent support needed for 10 minutes of daily at home practice. All piano music and Bravo binder is included. Our maximum class size is four students. Ages 4-5 years. Tuition is $50 per month for a weekly 1 hour class.

Piano Team Level 1 (ages 5-9)

Teams are the PERFECT class for beginning students. Piano teams were created for the child who needs FUN learning activities to keep their interest as well as games to motivate and excite them. Your child will achieve a solid foundation of rhythm, note reading and usually complete one lesson book each year. Even though children at this age may not be reading, if they can write numbers 1-5 and letters A-G, they are ready for this class! At home practice is 10-15 minutes daily. All piano music and Bravo binder is included. Our maximum class size is five students. Ages 5-9 years. Tuition is $50 per month for a weekly 1 hour class.

Piano Team Levels 2-4 (ages 6-12)

Keep your child motivated with piano teams! Students enjoy the variety of learning games and activities in this program. All students get to move at their own pace in their lesson book, while working with their team on scales, theory and fun digital ensembles! Progression is rewarded with practice tokens and team rewards! All piano music and Bravo binder is included. The maximum class size is four students. Ages 6-12 years. Tuition is $50 per month for a weekly 1 hour class.

Private Music Lessons (ages 5-adult)

Piano, Voice, Guitar and many other instruments are taught in a private setting at Bravo. You get a 30 minute lesson with a skilled teacher of your choice, learning music you want. Ask for a FREE trial lesson with different teachers until you find the right fit for you. Following the private lesson you get a FREE 30 minutes class in our computer lab reviewing note names, theory, ear training, etc. Tuition is $76 monthly.

Adult Private Music Lessons

It’s never too late to start taking music lessons! Your teacher will choose a music lesson book geared for adult students, and you get to choose which pieces to supplement it with (pop, movie, classical, church, etc.). Like any music student you will need to practice at home.  Of course sometimes we all have a week with little practicing, in that case there is always next week. As a fun reward for practicing you will earn points for a FREE piece of sheet music from our music store. We hold a unique Adult Dinner Recital twice yearly and you can choose to attend! A delicious dinner is served while students perform, this makes for a casual and fun performance experience. Try a free trial class with different teachers to find your best match. Tuition is $76 monthly.

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