I’m Angy Ford, the owner of Bravo, and I’d like to share with you how the Bravo daycare became a reality.

In 2003 I started Bravo in South Ogden as an educational center for kids to come and have a weekly or bi-weekly class. It grew quickly and my husband and I bought land in Clearfield in 2007 for a second location. As we worked on floor plans, my husband kept asking me if I wanted to add a daycare. I said I did not and kept moving forward in another direction. Months later my husband said, “if you’ll just go and see some daycares in the area I’ll stop asking you to start a daycare.” I went to two daycares and called my husband and told him (tearfully) that I would use my skills and knowledge to revolutionize the daycare experience for children.

In the last few years I have visited over fifty daycares across the nation, listening to parents and asking kids lots of questions of what they like and don’t like about their daycare. We opened Clearfield Bravo Daycare on August 16, 2010 and filled to capacity in 13 days! I think back on those first few months and can’t believe I’m here to tell about it. In August of 2015 we opened Riverdale Bravo Daycare and again filled quickly. I worked very, very long hours to make sure the experience was just what I felt it needed to be for students and parents.

I can tell you full heartedly that I love “my daycare kids” and all the opportunities for learning and fun experiences my staff and I provide. I have so many ideas and goals for Bravo Daycare, it’s already a wonderful place, but I’ll never stop adding more enhancements.