When you refer a friend to Bravo for any of our classes, you BOTH get $25 tuition credit when they register!

Be sure to tell them to write YOUR name on the “how did you hear about us” line on the registration form and you will BOTH receive the $25 tuition credit.  Below are a couple of testimonials from families that have used this program!

“We enrolled our son in the 2 year old after being referred to Bravo by a friend.  We were also able to take advantage of the awesome referral program that Bravo offers and we each received an account credit when we enrolled!  We know that this is going to be a really fun year!  Our son is very hands on, loves music, enjoys being around other kids, and is always on the go.  We just know that Bravo is a perfect fit for us!”  -The Drummond Family

“I enrolled my daughter in at Bravo and I received a referral credit of $25 because my aunt had her daughter already enrolled. What a great program! I cannot wait to have my daughter in Bravo!” -Lindsie C.