3 Ways to Avoid Kid Boredom This Summer

Summer break always starts out fun but after a week or so kids start expecting parents to entertain them. As a parent, it’s hard to entertain your kids and keep up with your regular responsibilities. Camps are the ideal activity to entertain your kids during the summer. Here are 3 ways summer camps ensure that your kids avoid boredom and ensure YOU have the time to get the things done you need to.

1. VARIETY of Camps

We all get bored when we do the same thing over and over, kids are no different. When choosing a summer camp for your child make sure that there is a variety of activities offered. This variety includes the things that your child does at the camp each day, and the different themes the camp offers. For example: if the only art activity your child will get at the summer camp is coloring, that camp may not be the best. Instead, you want a camp that will do a variety of activities, including outside time, painting, movement, music, etc. The different themes that the summer camp provides are also crucial in choosing a camp for your child. You want a camp that will focus on many different and unique themes each day, not just one for the whole summer.

2. SAFE & CLEAN Camps

When sending your child to a summer camp (whether it be for a few days, or for a few hours) you should know if the camp is safe and clean. When assessing the safety of the camp you should consider the following: if there is enough adult staff in relation to the number of children, access to a first aid kit, and availability to call the police in case of an emergency. To ensure the camp is clean you should make sure that the camp follows updated health guidelines, and that it is cleaned regularly. It is also helpful to go to the location of the camp and determine for yourself if the camp is clean.


Although children hope that education would end right when school does, we know that it never really does end. We are constantly learning new things – whether we are in school or not. With considering this it is important to know what your summer camp provider thinks about the education of your child during the camp. If they believe that education continues after school is out you can be sure that your child will continue learning while at camp; and they won’t just be playing on video games.