Older Kids Love Bravo’s Summer Program!

As your kids get older it’s often hard to find a place they can enjoy during the summer while you go to work.  At Bravo we understand, that’s why we have a special summer only program for kids who have graduated from kindergarten through 12 years old.  Here are some features of the program:

DAILY Field Trips:

  • Splash pads, Classic Fun Center, Fire Dept, WSU planetarium, Movie Theaters, Chocolate Factory Tour, Union Station, 10 Different Parks, Water Slides & More!
  • Check out this year’s field trip schedule we always finish by April 1: Clearfield or Riverdale.

State of the Art Facility

  • Indoor basketball gym, 5+ outdoor playgrounds, iPads, art room, restaurant kitchen, tumbling gym and even a cool interactive digital floor game!

Safe & Secure:

  • Fingerprint access, classroom cameras, passwords and observations windows.

Fabulous Teachers:

  • Our smiley, kind teachers love their job and can’t wait to go on field trips with you!

Excellent Food:

  • Delicious meals (“Waaaay better than school lunch” we’re told) and snacks as well as mini cooking experiences.

FREE Class:

  • Full-time students get a free class in our Arts Academy (music, dance, tumbling, karate, art – you choose!).  Part-time students get a discount on classes!


The tuition for this program is $133 per week (or $32/day) along with a $69 field trip fee (this includes your Classic Fun Center & Waterslide Pass) and $35 registration fee if you’re not already a current Bravo family.


Registration for this summer daycare program begins April 1.
Before this date, you can choose to get on our Deal of the Month – email list if you’d like a reminder when registration opens.

Here’s what our Bravo Daycare Kids are saying

  • Megan D. “I like coming to Bravo during the summer because my mom works and it’s a lot funner here than it is staying at home.”
  • Stevie J. “My favorite things about Bravo in the summer is going on field trips! I loved the parks and water slides!”

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