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Heather N.

Our daughter loves Bravo! Her ballet/jazz class is the highlight of her week. In the year and a half, we have been enrolled in Bravo, she has learned SO much and has gained so much confidence in herself. She loves to show off her skills to friends and family! We have really appreciated the limitless, free make up lessons as those have allowed her to attend a Princess Ballet camp...read more

Nicole C.

Choosing a daycare is a hard decision. We are happy that we chose Bravo. We know our children are genuinely cared for by the teachers and staff of Bravo. Any concerns we have had are taken seriously and the teachers and director have worked with us to make sure we are 100% comfortable leaving our children every...read more

Kristen D.

Preschool at Bravo Arts Academy has been an amazing experience for my son, as well as for our family. In the past, my son had struggled to connect with his previous teachers, but Mrs. Bennington at Bravo has gone above and beyond to relate to my son and really cultivate his knowledge and talents. The difference I have seen in him has been extraordinary. We feel very blessed to have...read more

Linda C.

My children have been attending Bravo classes for many years. I brought my son here first because I loved the preschool that incorporated music into its curriculum. Later, he and my daughter began taking piano lessons at Bravo. I chose Bravo for piano because of their dedication to teaching music theory as well as practical piano skills. The kids have grown so much over the years they have been at...read more

Marissa M.

We have really enjoyed our experience with Bravo Preschool and Bravo Daycare. My son has matured in many ways through class interactions and excellent teachers who care about his progress and work with him on his specific skills and the level he is on. Daycare a few times a week has been a blessing for both of my children. They get to meet new friends, they have outside and indoor...read more

The Tejeda Family

We are a proud Bravo family, we have been coming to Bravo for the last three (almost four) years and have enjoyed Bravo's services! Daycare, arts academy classes and the private kindergarten have all benefited our family immensely. I have two daughters (4 and 5) who have practically been with Bravo almost their whole lives and have learned so much from all their teachers! Our third is on the way...read more

Chase & Korttney J

Picking a daycare for our child was an important decision for us, while I am in nursing school and my husband is living out of state for the Army. We did a lot of research in the area, being somewhat new to Utah and I know we made the best choice choosing Bravo! The staff has always been very welcoming and listened to our concerns. There have been a lot...read more

Moyal Family

Although we drive 1 hour to get to Bravo's Riverdale Daycare, we couldn't be more pleased with our choice! This very new facility was built to care for and educate toddlers and children. We started taking our now 3.5-year-old when she was 18 months old and she immediately took to her new friends and all the activities that filled her days. The love and attention she's received from all her...read more

The Gough Family

We have been a Bravo family since 2013. We have done everything from preschool to tumbling, hip hop dancing, and karate. Every staff member is kind and helpful. The teachers we have had have been exceptional, not only with teaching my children but with the way they interact with each of them as individuals. We are so grateful to be apart of Bravo and highly recommend it to everyone we...read more

Miller Family

We have been at Bravo Arts Academy for 6 years and we love it! Our children have participated in the daycare, arts classes, club camps, and summer programs. The staff has become like family and our kids are so excited every day when we walk in the door. My oldest daughter was so far ahead of the other children when she started kindergarten, the teacher couldn’t believe how advanced she...read more