Bravo Boredom“I’m bored.” Do you recognize these two small words?  Dread hearing them?  It seems like more than ever we are quick to fill the day scheduling things with or for our kids to keep them entertained or stimulated, but is this always the best thing?

There is no argument that activities and structure are very important for growth and of the mind and body, but we also need to allow our children time to be creative and create their own activities.  Without the “gift” of boredom, they will not have a chance to explore and create their own fun.

Boredom is really nothing more than idle or downtime. Afraid boredom may lead to trouble or large mess you may want to have some simple open-ended toy around to help them explore their creative side.  Some easy (non-electronic) ideas you have lying around the house are:


Simple crayons and paper.  Easy to clean up!  Let their minds wander and create the picture without any distractions.


Blocks are a great toy.  You can build houses, castles, towers, bridges, etc.  They can be used and objects or props in other creative ways- there are endless ways to use blocks!


Sticker, Reading, or just picture books it’s a great quiet time activity for kids.


I’m sure all have memories of building forts!  What a fun activity to do and test your skills.  Once the fort is built it also creates a place for them to play in.  Kids can use their imagination on what they use to build the fort, whether it’s with furniture, cardboard boxes, etc.  They will fill their time being creative and building their own world.

Next time you hear the words “I’m bored” don’t tighten those muscles so quickly! Simply relax and appreciate it’s a “gift” and perfect time to let your child’s imagination be put to work!

-Alli Barnes (Bravo Employee)