Have you ever felt like there is too much information in your head? How about too much clutter in your house or workspace? Decluttering is a simple solution that you can obtain quickly and easily yet the results will amaze you! You’ll be able to focus more, have more one on one time with loved ones and you’ll find yourself amazed at how refreshed you feel! Decluttering can apply to everything: your home, work or even your brain. Here are 4 easy steps to declutter anything!

Make a list. Whether it be the things that are concerning you with your personal life, the areas around your home you’d like to tackle, or the things at work that are on your mind, writing things down helps to get them out of your mind and make a concrete plan.

  • Work Space By Space or room by room: Concentrate on one thing at a time. Tackle your living room, finish the entire room and then move on. This helps you to stay focused and not worry about not getting something done.
  • Set A Reasonable deadline: the key word here is REASONABLE. Don’t expect too much out of too little time. Give yourself a good time limit that you know you can get done in. Any extra time, roll over to your next task. On the opposite end, don’t allow yourself crazy long amounts of time either. This can make you not as productive.
  • Reward yourself. Motivation is a super hard thing to come by. Sometimes tackling the attic that’s sat for a year is not something we want to do. Give yourself a promise of a small reward and you’ll find the motivation so much easier.

Clutter is never fun and it’s hard to get to the root of the problem. Following these four steps can make it easier to work through any problem area of your life. Remember to take time for yourself and you’ll find you have more time, focus, concentration and you’ll be able to accomplish your tasks so much easier!

Tricia Bird (Bravo Employee)