Bravo ClassroomAs the fun of summer is coming to an end its time to prepare for a new school year!
Some children welcome change as a joyous new adventure, while others may be afraid of the unknown. Change can even be hard for us parents as well.
Here are a few tips and tools to make the transition go well for everyone!

Realize that Each Child Is Different

Children’s responses to transition and separation depend upon their age, personality, and experience.
Don’t be afraid to give your child’s new teacher any information about the way your child learns and communicates so they can offer you and your child the best support.

Think Positive

Children are very perceptive and intuitive. They can sense our emotions and will react to them. Even though as parents we may be nervous or anxious to put our children in a new environment, it’s important to focus on the positives!
Prepare your child as the day of transition approaches by talking about what they can expect, discussing fears and concerns, and most of all being excited about the new things they will be learning and the new friendships they will develop!

Establish A Goodbye Routine

Being consistent may help your child adjust more easily. Give them a hug and kiss goodbye and assure them you will return. I like to tell my daughter I will be back after nap time today, or if they are old enough you can tell them what time you will return. Help them join the group in an activity or hand them off to a teacher if they are having a rough day.

Remember we are always here to help! If you had a rough time at drop off in the morning and you want to call to make sure your child is having a better day you are always welcome to contact the front desk to check in. Sending your child with a favorite blanket or small stuffed animal for nap time may also bring them some comfort and security. Being comfortable in a new environment will take time and practice for parents and children.

I hope these tips help you along the way and you have a happy and successful year to come!

-Kyle Garner (Bravo Employee)