Trantransitioning two-year-old kids from one activity to another is never easy unless you make it fun. First always let them know that they only have five more minutes to play, then we will clean up. Turn on the “clean up” song and dance, sing, or play a game to put all the toys away. After they clean up and you still can’t get their attention you could read them a book or sing a song. You could also say “1, 2, 3. Everyone freeze!” They usually understand that it’s time to be quiet and listen to the teacher at that point. Then explain to them what they will be doing next. When it comes to getting their lunch ready, one teacher needs to be keeping the kids entertained by reading books to them so the other teacher can get their lunch prepared. You will always know when the kids are having fun. They look at you and they sing the songs with you or they pay attention to the book that you are reading. They love it.

Here are some links that have several transitioning songs:

Shaylyn White (Bravo Employee)